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Why is weight loss such a challenge? 

Most adults know that the average American adds about one pound of weight every year. The typical reaction to this change on the scale is to diet. Unfortunately, most dieters misunderstand the basic facts about body weight and body composition. 

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 Although we gain a pound a year, the fact is that we actually lose about one-half pound of muscle and gain one and a half pounds of fat. That is, our body changes by one pound, but our body composition changes by two pounds, in the wrong direction. This weight loss paradox takes place despite the fact that most individuals don’t eat any more, or even as much, as they did when they were younger. 

Reduced activity usually accounts for a part of this weight gain. But, there is another cause which is even more influential. After age 25, your resting metabolism (the calories your body utilizes while at rest) decreases by about a half percent each year. This means that your body burns fewer calories to maintain itself. So, some calories your body previously needed are rendered unnecessary and stored as fat. 

Is there a way to halt or reverse this metabolic slowdown? Fortunately, the answer is “YES!” The basic reason your metabolism slows down is muscle loss. After age 25, you lose about a half pound of muscle each year. Muscle is very active tissue, requiring between 30 to 50 calories per pound per day, just to maintain itself. When you lose muscle, you lose calorie-burning advantages.
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The facts are simple. The only proven way to look your best and to lose weight, is a combination of a sensible eating plan with a well planned cardiovascular and strength training program.  

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Strength training will help you build and maintain muscle, the muscle you may be currently losing as you age. This will allow you to keep your resting metabolism at a suitable rate allowing you to burn more calories, even on days you are inactive. Strength training will also help you prevent injury. It strengthens your bones and connective tissue as well as your muscles, allowing your body to better cope with any physical stress that it may encounter. Weight bearing exercise has been proven to help prevent osteoporosis, and strength training is the very best form of weight bearing exercise there is.  

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When strength training it’s important to do so in a balanced and sensible way. Training all the major muscle groups is necessary for comprehensive and balanced muscle development.  

It’s also important to include cardiovascular exercise in your fitness program. This exercise, also called aerobic exercise, helps you to improve your heart and lung efficiency. It will help you to lower your resting heart rate and your blood pressure. It will also help you feel invigorated and energetic.  

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For a sensible eating plan, strength training and cardiovascular exercise, the Train Me 24/7 staff will provide you with expert advice to ensure you’ll progress rapidly, and enjoy the results you have been looking for. Working with Train Me 24/7, you can embrace a lifelong fitness program and still have time left for other important activities of your day.

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